Wednesday, October 5, 2011

No Small Parts

Today, YA Highway asks:

What supporting character from a YA book would you most like to see star in their own novel?

Usually I'm pretty happy with the balance between a book's barrator and their focus character, but there are times I want to know more about a specific character. The ones I'd like to see have their own book include:

Jenna from Hex Hall. and Demonglass I LOVE Hex Hall and Sophie, but Jenna is such complex character with an interesting past. She deserves her time in the spotlight.

Jesse from My Sister's Keeper, sure he gets a point-of-view in the book, but Jesse's story of going from bad boy to right-side-of-the-law totally deserves its own story, as far as I'm concerned. Plus his voice is fabulous.

Hale from Uncommon Criminals the smooth talking society boy turned thief? Yes please! Plus then we might learn his first  name....

How about you? (Don't forget to go here  to enter to win two books! Winner will be chosen Saturday!"