Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Fine Mess

I've been composing blogs about the Kate Voegele concert without mentioning the most important part. The show itself. So often in my life awesome things are bookended by sheer ridiculousness, but the awesome should be acknowledged.

First of all, my two favorite Kate songs are Inside Out and We the Dreamers. She didn't play either of these. I forgive her.

It's hard for me to focus at shows. I'm always thinking about my next move, people around me, the seed of a sequel to Background Vocals I want to write more than anything...Lots of things. But an artist I love, whose lyrics I can scream from memory, that can keep my attention.

Kate obviously just had fun up there. She sang Bruno Mars's "Lazy Song" and made me like it. She covered Brittney (which was so cute, even though I wanted her to play more of her songs). She was so enthusiastic about being in Boston and having fun on stage.

Even her clothes were fun, a bouncy pink skirt and shimmering top.

I know I'm not her biggest fan. The eight-year-old and her mom standing next to me (wearing a t-shirt and hoodie each) probably have me beat. But seeing someone whose music I listened to on repeat during a rough patch makes me love them more.

I particularly love that she did a meet-and-greet. It's the one thing not enough artists do, and I think it's the purpose of a tour. I mean an author who just read and didn't sign would be considered insane. I know live music makes a ticket worth it, but being able to give someone a hug and thank them for playing the music that's part of your life soundtrack?

That's a moment you can't fake or forget.

Also, I go to a lot of shows on my own, so I have no one to share those moments with. Except the musician. And that makes it mean even more to me.

And this song, the second-to-last of her set, may become my new go-to song.