Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Miracle of Chucks

These are the shoes I'm wearing tomorrow.

Nothing much, right? Pretty, sure, but plenty of people have pink chucks. Granted, these are customized because that's the only way I could get the color I wanted, but plenty of people got them before t was taken out of the mainstream.

This is me and my sorority little sister a bit over a year and a half ago. The swelling in my legs is so noticeable to me in the image that I can't even really look at it.

I had Chucks then, a pair of purple hi-tops I couldn't' get on, and had only been able to wear for a few weeks after my first excess skin removal surgery which had been effectively reversed by an ill-timed infection. My black low-tops didn't fit very well. I usually wore stretched out, falling apart sneakers.

I don't know why but the surgery this summer took. I barely have to use compression bandages, or anything, and my black Chucks have been my go to shoes, worn so much it's hard to believe three months ago they were a concept.

Today I wore a skirt, leather jacket and black Chucks. hi-tops.. I had the style I'd wanted to have for so long. I know clothes don't make you, but for me they're a way of expressing myself, and to be limited in my choices the way I was...it was hard. Trudging through the grass on the way to campus today, every time I looked down at my shoes it made me feel like a tiny miracle had happened, one only I really appreciated.

Tomorrow I'll be able to wear my new pink Chucks to lug library books around Cambridge, and they won't hurt. I won't pay the price later. Even now my heeled boots that hurt--no arch support whatsoever--don't cause permanent damage.

I can be the girl with cute sneakers, and it makes all the difference.

Now I just need red ones to replace these!

You will have shoes that cute again, kiddo.

Yes, okay, fine, those are Keds. I wasn't as styling as a four year old as I am now. Sue me.

PS. Don't you love how all my baby pictures involve me being a book freak? Those Berenstien Bear puppets are lined up to watch the Berenstien Bears with me.