Monday, October 24, 2011

The Guy Who Ate My iPhone

I saw Kate Voegle play,and  bought a t-shirt, planning on leaving. However, after I bought my shirt, the merch dude gave me a wristband for the after show meet-and-greet. The first seventy-five people to buy a shirt or a CD got to meet her. Sweet, and an awesome business model.

I went out to the lobby-area of the venue, since I didn't care much about the headliner. We were still in-between sets, so all the lobby seats had been taken. I plopped down on the floor, legs daintily crossed to preserve what dignity my mini-skirt gave, then dug around in my bag for my book.

The headliner went on, there was a mad rush for the doors and a madder rush for seats. I moved to a spot next to a Mom-looking lady. Then I dove back into my Jo Knowles book.

About five minutes later, I wondered if I had my phone.

Seven minutes later, I started looking

Spoiler alert: I didn't.

The Mom-Like Person saw me frantically searching and asked if I'd lost my phone. She told me someone had turned it in. I asked her to watch my things and went into the venue to ask around. The merch girls sent me to a burly black security guy (I hate to stereotype, but there ALWAYS IS ONE) who found a...manager or something. They took me back to the lobby so they could hear my question.

"Okay," Manager Man said. "We'll look."

Cue ammeter hour. Guys in black shirts spoke into their walkie-talkies, walked back and forth through the lobby, sent curious glances my way. No phone.

Mom-Lady and her daughter told me the girls at the couch next to us had been the ones to find it. I asked them and they said they gave it to the guy right inside the door. I relayed this to the Manager.

Cue three more minutes of kerfuffle.

"Did he eat it?" I asked, not quite kidding.

Finally, Manager Guy appeared, with my phone in hand.

It was off (which, wouldn't On make more sense if the person who lost it tried to call it?)

It asked for my passcode. I entered it.

Wrong passcode.

Tried again.

Wrong passcode.

Wrong passcode

Try again in 1 minute.

Try again in 15 minutes.

I kept trying until it told me to try again in 60 minutes. At the meet-and-greet I got the girl behind me to take a picture for me. My iPhone is currently restoring. I have no idea if I originally entered the code I always use wrong, if iOS 5 did something funky, or of somehow the guy did not eat my phone, but somehow reset my phone.

It is currently plugged into my computer being restored from the last back-up. My only proof I even went to the show is a piece of notebook paper signed by Kate and this picture: