Monday, October 31, 2011


What they don't tell you is that being a person with a disability involves a lot of phone calls. Today I have talked to all the doctors, insurance people and disability services providers ever.

I have also started this post several times, and eaten in the dining hall (I forget why I avoid that place. Then I eat fruity Cheerios for lunch and remember...)

November starts tomorrow, and all over the world writers are preparing to write a novel in a month. But not this writer. I've been there, done that for the past seven years, but this year because I have Way Too Much Else Going On, I'm not.

Instead, I will be focusing n querying. I've sent out many queries since I started the process in June, but I've been sort of...timid about it. Batch querying works for many people, but all it does is make me second guess myself. So I'm going to jump in with both feet.

I'm going to send out one query every weekday in November.

With the random number generator and my (hella long) agent list at my side, I am going to query whoever it tells me to (N.B. my list is already-researched. These are all agents I believe would be a good fit for me and my MS)

Twenty queries in thirty days.

That's my November goal. What's yours?