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Ghost Light: In this YA retelling of "Twelfth Night" seventeen-year-old Natasha Bassett's determination to live her dead twin brother's life-long dream of performing in Hamlet raises ghosts--in more ways than one

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Fall to Pieces: When the night that should skyrocket her to fame ends with her leg being amputated, seventeen-year-old aspiring rock star Meridian Ashton must reconsider her policy of breaking ties as easily as she changes strings on her guitar.

Swing: Swing dancing is the highlight of Sabine Darielle's slow, Southern life, until enigmatic Elodie Martin returns from boarding school with a secret. Soon Sabine has secrets of her own to hide if she wants her friends to believe she's still the girl whose main source of excitement is Friday night swing.

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  1. > ends with her leg being amputated

    Perhaps the most famous amputee in literature is Melville's Captain Ahab. If you haven't, you should try scanning through Moby-Dick to see the dozens of brilliant reflections on and descriptions of Ahab's condition. (Although reading Melville sometimes can depress the rest of us mere-mortal writing folk.)

    --Mr. Porcupine (who denies that he has an M-D obsession)