Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Five!

1. I found this article while browsing through disability news for my volunteer job. It seems that someone is finally calling NYC taxis out on the fact that so few of them are wheelchair-accessible. I dislike van-taxis personally, because climbing into them is a pain, but they need to be there! Wheelchair accessibility is NECESSARY, especially in a metropolis like New York.

2. Earlier this week, I found an old notebook that had the first plans for the novel I'm currently revising. I don't recognize it. At all. My main character's name wasn't even spelled the same. I think this goes to show how much evolution a piece of writing can go through, and also why you need to take your time on it. Then again, I still haven't quite pinned this one down, so I can't say that definitively yet.

3. I did all the updating for all the iOS devices the other night. I can't say that I'm too chuffed by iOS 5 on my iPhone, just because the changes are small. That said, being able to flag emails and the notification center are nice, I suppose. I rarely put my phone down long enough to build up notifications! Newsstand will be good, I think, once more magazines sign on.

4. This weekend is the Boston Book Festival. I probably won't be attending, since I have a mountain of work to do, but it was fabulous last year. I love getting to meet authors at any time, but being swept up in the huge Boston literary community makes it even better! Holly Black is going to be there this year, and if I hadn't met her at the Diversity in YA Panel I'd be going to squeal over Curseworkers, but for now I'll wait and do that after Black Heart comes out.

5. Your dose of Muppets today actually isn't a movie preview *gasp!* it's the song I've had to keep singing to myself all week, and I think everyone should remember: