Monday, October 3, 2011

The Mailroom Guy Will Hate Me

Two seconds ago I hit "send" on a massive order from AbeBooks.

It's not textbook season. I'm reading all my required books on my iPad anyway. Oh no. This order was far crazier than that.

I ordered a bunch of books I've already read or listened to, but I want on my shelves.

In the past year, I've done a lot of library and ebooking, which is fabulous and convenient. But, I've also come to realize I treat both things--and with ebooks it probably shouldn't be that way--the way I treat Netflix Instant Watch.

Last night I stayed up until five am to finish watching Dollhouse on Netflix. It's a Joss Whedon show that finished airing about a year ago. I liked it a lot, and even though I can get all the episodes on Netflix, I'll eventually buy the DVDs, because I am a special features addict. Also, one day, I want to be able to display the shows I like on a shelf. A Stuff I Like shelf.

My books are like that. For the books I really, really adore, I want to be able to hold them in my hands. On the other hand, I've gotten to where I don't want to own a book I either didn't like, or have no need for. So while I might have put in a big book order, I also have a huge back of books to sell to the Brookline Booksmith on Wednesday so I can get more of the pretty books I like.

It's a vicious cycle, one that could be solved by having a better way to display ebooks. I wonder what that might look like? A place to dock your iPad on a shelf that would rotate through the book covers?

Any ideas? Are you as obsessed with book pretty as I am?