Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Five!

1. Today I turned this:

into this:

Okay, really, I sold a bunch of used books to Brookline Booksmith and then bought a few more, but really when one has a Mary Poppins bag full of books, one must at least allude to magic. (The bag was even purchased in England, making it even more Mary Poppinsesque)

My friend Mel and I also went to The Children's Bookshop. We have friends who work at both, so we must be equal opportunity book buyers!

2. This story, about a young girl (born a boy) who is being allowed to live as a girl by her family makes me very happy, especially when, at the end of the interview, her mother asserts that if she decides at some point she does what to live as a man, that's her decision. Also he comments are generally positive, which honestly surprised me.

3.  It's Columbus Day Weekend, which we get off  (Along with the all-important holiday The Day After Columbus Day) I have plans for Monday and Tuesday, but Saturday and Sunday will be spent writing and watching Gilmore Girls. With Chinese food. I hope to have my current WIP done by the end of October so this write-in weekend is SO necessary.

(NB I will also pick the winner of the Two Books, One Contest Contest, so go enter!

4.  My mom emailed me this cartoon yesterday. It's sweet, if a little too soon...

5. I'm not huge on Halloween, but I'm stock-piling creepy/fantastical books to read closer to then. Right now I have Name of the Star, Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Paranormalcy. I've ordered Anna Dressed in Blood and have a couple more coming from the library (such as Eat, Slay, Love).

What books are you reading this Halloween?