Wednesday, May 25, 2011

RTW: Inspiration

Today's YA Highway Road Trip Wednesday question is: Who in your life has most inspired your writing?

My parents have encouraged my writing, no doubt, but I think the "inspired" has to go to the wonderful girls who have been the ones loving my stories at different points in my life.

Ambrelle in high school, the one who would track me down before first period every day in high school asking for whatever pages I had written the night before.

Laura, who has been with my current project all the way through, who I could talk things out with and who introduced me to the books of my idol, Sarah Dessen.

Kendra my facebook "husband" who has been known to send me emails about how much she loves my writing at the moment before I think I might give up. Her faith in me and my writing keeps me going.

Allison, the newest addition to the group, who let my works get past her usual dislike of contemporary fiction books and who probably has had the most influence in the way I think about the book.

Amazing girls, all of them, and I couldn't do without any of them!

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