Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Five!

1. Now that BEA is over, I'm deciding to force myself to be more okay with the I'm-not-in-NYC factor of this summer. If I hadn't been here I'd be missing some of baby bro's gems,  such as yesterday when his daycare provider said, "Jacob, do you love me?" With the biggest grin on his face he said, "No," and shrieked with laughter at her fake-hurt. Obviously, both parties knew how much he loves her. She's been taking care of him since he was six, so his mischief was adorable.

2. Yesterday, I read Knowing Jesse a memoir by Marianne Leonne an actress (wife of Chris Cooper) whose seventeen-year-old son had cerebral palsy. Jesse died in 2005 due to complications from epilepsy, and what makes me the saddest about this is that the way his family fought to have him educated, and how much of an intelligent young man he seems to have been, would have probably led to him being a shining example of what a disabled adult can accomplish. As it is, his story shows how far the world has come in perception of people with severe disabilities, and how far we have to go.

3. These updates to the Chicago Manual of Style are pretty interesting, particularly the one about possessives. I've preferred adding the extra "'s" to words ending in -s forever, so glad to see someone else approves.

4. Below is a video of something I believe to be one of the coolest things ever. A computer program that is beginning to be able to recognize signs and translate them into words. The possibilities this could lead to for the Deaf are amazing!

5. The winner of The Splendor Falls will be announced tomorrow. Comment here to win!