Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Point...

I made a post on R-Word Awareness Day about spreading the word to end the word, but this new PSA really hits the point home, in my opinion. Slurs are slurs, as the video points out.

I'm behind in Glee--planning to marathon it after my surgery this summer--but when I watched the first two and a half seasons over Christmas I was generally very impressed with their treatment of disabilities. Sometimes I balked at choices, but in general I appreciate the way they integrate disability--sometimes it's the main focus of an episode, and hey newsflash world: THAT'S OKAY.

Sometimes my disability is the main focus of a day. A week. A month. Sometimes it fades into the background, like any other facet of life.

Like the difficulties of being every other minority.

And that's what people on either side of the inclusion argument oftentimes fail to see.