Wednesday, May 11, 2011

RTW: Audiobooks

Today's Road Trip Wednesday over at YA Highway asks who you would have narrate the audiobooks of your books if you had the choice.

Audiobooks are really important to me. Many of my favorite books are once my mom and I listened to on audiobook while traveling through Florida when I was young. Eden Riegel reading Ella Enchanted, Trini Alvarado reading the Trickster Books... they live in my head with their texts. I'd love to check out my favorite readers and tell you which of them I'd want to read my books.

But it would be a lie.

Background Vocals is dual-narrated so I'd need two readers. This is going to sound incredibly unsurprising, but the original conception of my narrators came from the Grey sisters on Grey's Anatomy (Meredith and Lexie). They've changed a lot since then--a lot, a lot--but I still hear their voices in my head.

So it'd be Ellen Pompeo and Chyler Leigh. And, hey, we know from the musical episode that they can sing so there's that part of the novel covered too.