Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Book Musings: Deaf Child Crossing

Deaf Child Crossing

I wanted this book to be good, I really did. The premise is good, a middle-grade novel about two girls forming a friendship when one of them happens to be Deaf, but the execution wasn't at all great, mostly I think due to editing. There were two visible mistakes in the book--a shift tense and a typo "I romise"-- and the writing was clunky, full of telling and -ly adjectives and "Megan felt." Also, the narrator speaks down to the audience as well as pointlessly referring to the parents by their names, taking the reader out of the child's point-of-view. 

As for the disability issues, on the one hand the Deaf child Megan does have more to her than her disability, but on the other hand her problems stem from her disability and her reactions to it. She doesn't want help, fine, but if we saw this transcend into something else it might have made for a better book. While I do think the issue book is important in most cases, and it could have been a good book showing able-bodied kids they could have a perfectly norma--and extraordinary--friendship with a kid who is Deaf it would be good, but the writing makes it not worth it.