Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Five!

1. A friend of mine over at Livejournal has a fabulous post on disability-independence that I think everyone should read, particularly people who are either reluctant to ask for help, or believe people with disabilities shouldn't have to. She defines knowing when help is needed as an act of independence. Which is something I need to remember.

2. I found out Wednesday that I won't be going to New York for the summer. It's back to sunny, humid Pensacola for me. I'm actually okay with this. It'll mean more book reviews for you lot, and more time to write for me. And I'll still keep my WIP in New York. It's not like I never go there...

3. Why did no one tell me about the awesomeness that is Buffy? I'm watching Season Three right now and I'm loving it! Thank the lord for Netflix. The amount of TV shows I watch has grown exponentially, and I consider them all writing research. I'm learning a lot about dialogue and facial expressions. And vampires.

4. Michelle Obama knows how to Dougie:

5. Oh my gosh, Grey's Anatomy last night. Baby! Adopted baby! I have all kinds of thoughts of why they need to be able to keep this baby, because really Meredith-trying-to-be-a-mom could be as dramatic as the angsty no-baby storyline. I am JUST SAYING.