Thursday, February 23, 2012

Transport Me

I've started looking at PhD programs, which is the summation of all the scary things in the world. I won't start for another year at least--possibly two, I may defer to get some surgeries done--but I'll start applying next fall. One of the things that I'm really having to think about, that I didn't much consider the first time 'round, is transportation.

I don't/can't drive, and until cars drive themselves (MAKE THIS HAPPEN), that's not changing. Of course, programs with a children's literature focus tend to be in random cities that aren't generally known for their public transportation. (I'm looking at you, UF). Most big universities do have disability transit, but often they require a lot of foresight to arrange pick-ups, and aren't always reliable.

Even here I have my issues with transportation. For instance, all Boston cab drivers seem to have taken courses in being an asshat, that the nice ones must have played truant for. The line of the T I live on thinks it's a trolley half the time and a subway the other half. Both halves tend to involve stairs.

But at least I have it, and it works. And that's a thing I can't live without. It doesn't gel well with the nomadic, go anywhere for tenure, academic life....


  1. This may sound like a stretch, but there's hope for cars that drive themselves. Google is already testing one. Not sure if it will ever reach the public or how much it would cost, but it would be really neat and helpful.

    Good luck with your endeavors! A PhD is really exciting!

    1. Thank you! I'm nervous about the PhD thing, so we'll see if it happens but it is exciting.

      And I have my eye on Google and also one of the German car manufacturers has developed a car that can drive on the freeway itself. But change will be slow as far as adapting them and then changing the law.

      The worst is, I have 20/50 vision so I only need it to be adjusted by 10 points, but my reflexes are crap so I really do need something else to do the driving!

  2. PhD? Oh my goodness!

    Never give up on the possibility of becoming mysteriously wealthy and being able to have a private driver! ;-)