Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Five!

1. I am SO behind on my to-read list, guys. Like, I had to renew my library books. This does not happen in my world. It might be because I've regularly had three books per week for class, but come on, still not acceptable in my world. In high school, my theater teacher once said one day I wouldn't have time for recreational reading, "Like maybe when you're in grad school." I am determined to prove her wrong.

2. Another reason I'm behind is that I...uh....

Wrote a novel last week.

The project I'd been querying got three rejections on fulls in three days, and all of a sudden it just clicked with me. I knew how I had to rewrite it. And I had to write it, or go mad with the desire. It fell together in exactly seven days. It's very first-drafty, which is frustrating because it's kind of draft 9,002, but I have to try to think of it as a new novel because it really is.

But yeah. A week.

3. I also have papers coming out of my ears. We had one due Monday, the one due the 27th and I have one due the 12th due to a lottery for oral presentations that clearly hated me. But then I'll be done-ish until the seminar paper. This class (young adult realism) is altering the way I read. I finished a book this week and couldn't stop thinking about the pat ending, and characters who never turned up again. In a way, it's just the culmination of everything I've learned in the past year and a half, but still. Thinky thoughts.

4. I ordered the Slings & Arrows boxset as an early birthday present for myself. The fact that Amazon hasn't shipped it yet makes me sad. I want commentary on Paul Gross being insane and hilarious!

5. This. Song.


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