Thursday, February 2, 2012

SPJ Editing

This a post I should have made a long time ago, but I put it off because I'd been putting off doing the edits on one of my manuscripts. I didn't want to sing Natascha's praises falsely, so I made myself wait until I'd made the corrections she'd suggested and seen how fabulous they were.

Natascha is the awesome editor behind SPJ Editing. I discovered her almost a year ago now, through a post on her blog. I sent her an early draft of the manuscript I was working on, and she put it through the wringer. She's continued to do that with every piece I send her, and my work is ALWAYS the better for it. Whether it's calling me out on my love of dashes and the word "either", or pointing out places where my characters actually have to have FEELINGS (omg), she's fabulous at it.

And, so, loathe as I am to share, I have to say, if you're looking for a freelance editor, look absolutely no further.  


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