Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Five!

1. Last weekend was President's Day weekend. On Valentine's day, I ordered the complete set of Slings and Arrows--the funniest Canadian show about Shakespeare ever--to keep me company over the weekend. I have Amazon Prime, so this shouldn't have been an issue.

Except, I still don't have my DVDs. World, what is wrong with you? (They've shipped, finally, but are in transit)

2. I'm working on a paper about The Chocolate War and My Sister's Keeper for my Contemporary YA Realism class. One of the critics I'm referencing has the last name Trites, and I keep typing Tripes, which is not an acceptable substitute for the woman's actual name, but is very amusing when you type phrases like, "According to Tripes, the power in the novel...."

3. Grey's Anatomy did ALL THE BREAKING of my heart last night with the current Alzheimer's storyline. The only thing that made up for it was Zola's hair. That baby, I swear.

4. I just commented on someone's photo of their one-year-old, who had on a monkey hat similar (NOT IDENTICAL) to my Henry. I'm not sure how I feel about this, and am choosing to believe the one-year-old and I share a fabulous sense of style and whimsy that is not affected by age.

5. I'm kind of frustrated with my current writing project, guys. It's a rewrite of my 2006 NaNo, which I last looked at in 2009 before I started this program. It's a story I really want to tell, but for reasons I don't know, getting into the swing of telling it hasn't been easy. What do you do when you need motivation on a project?

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  1. Chelsey! I've missed hearing about your exploits! I should have just come here, obviously. I hope you're enjoying your DVDs now. Being Canadian I have a particular love for Canadian brand humor--especially Slings & Arrows!

    My favorite bit from this post is the monkey hat. :)