Monday, February 13, 2012

I Don't Want to Go to Denver!

Actually, I did. Want to go to Denver.

But the title is a line from an Eddie Izzard sketch that I couldn't get out of my head on the plane.

I went to Denver to give a presentation on inclusion at the a conference, and it was so much fun. It's something I really love doing, and people seem to like hearing my goofy stories.

That said, it wasn't until I stood up there narrating my life that I realized exactly how many of my tales had "and then I went to the doctor/ER" in the middle of them. In fact, so does this one.

I scratched my eye at some point last week, and by the time I got to Denver it'd gotten way obnoxious. Mom and I had to go to a walk-in clinic our first day there, and then a specialist because I'm too complex for doctors at a walk-in. (I have a detached retina in that eye, and they worried it could have been more than a scratch. It wasn't, but safe>sorry).

I did get to go to the Denver Art Museum, and to Boulder to visit my college professor/mentor who now lives up there. I also, finally, got to meet his little girl who is the cutest thing that ever wore a tutu.

Then I came home to write a paper on Narratology. Oh grad school life.

But I also realized how much more I want to get into public speaking/disability advocacy, so that's a thing.

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  1. You would rock at doing public speaking about disability advocacy!