Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Thoughts

My weekend consisted of two things: sweating and photographs. Unrelated, except that my sudden desire to organize and scan all the family photos means I had to stay downstairs where our air-conditionning is shot. How people lived in this town pre-AC is beyond me, but luckily upstairs is a second unit so it's not horrible up here.

Anyway, sorting through photographs from my early childhood is fascinating. I have a steal-trap memory, but there are still things I've forgotten, like after we moved in '96 my parents took me back to visit my old friends at least twice, and theirs sent them over to visit me. They tried more than I've given them credit for, but the friendships still fell apart as they're wont to do at the age of seven.

On the other hand, there are pictures from when my best friend Carly came into my life. She lived in the town we'd moved away from, but our moms worked together. Fourteen years later, we're still insanely close. We have different things in common than my other friends and I did, and saw each other many times a year with our moms, but the distance was the same. What made the friendship different?

It's food for thought on a random summer Monday during a period in my life where I'm seeking to make new friendships stick...