Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Five!

1. Yesterday, while abandoning my poor MacBook Air at the computer shop to get it fixed (a few DROPS of coffee sent the "n" and "y" keys into a world of pain), I thought about how we've developed a sort of counter-intuitive culture around computers and coffee. We treat them the way we used to treat paper, reading and writing at coffee shops or in the mornings while sipping our daily brew *sips*. This leads to incidents like this, but we really don't seek to change it. Interesting, no?

2. First sunburn of the summer. I have a friend in town and we spent Wednesday by the pool. I decided to attempt to act like a Floridian for once in my life and so forgot to put on sunscreen until it was too late. At least I look like a Floridan for once.

3. Because my friend is here and she likes Buffy but hasn't seen Angel, my marathon has switched from alternating the two to simply watching Buffy. oddly okay with me, because we have arrived at season five. I have to say, Dawn and Tara, both characters who were disliked by the original fandom, are kind of my favorites. This says a lot, I think, about me and my penchant for the outsiders.

4. I have a weird history with umbrellas. I've bent them, broken them, lost them. I have, however, not ever sent one flying across the street and hit a pedestrian. This person has.

5. This video has a lot of relevance for authors, but also emphasizes something really important to the way I see things. I believe I'm out in the world searching for my "people". You know, the ones who will catch you when you jump off a stage, as opposed to the ones who would drop you.

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