Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Five!

1. I'm in the query trenches officially now with my first rejection. Ready, boys? We're going in!

2. Can you imagine having a dad who dressed up in costumes to wave to your bus every day? This kid did. The blog goes through and shows all 170 costumes. Some of them are quite inventive! I still think I'd be humiliated, though.

3. A story of the powers of modern tech. Last night my dad--born in 1940--started singing some song about Lemon Trees, basically to be obnoxious. However, my mom--born in 1951--recognized the song, so I Youtubed it to get the tune. Mom said the one I found was it, but Dad thought it was slower. Turns out, they knew the same song, but covers from several years apart.

Posting Mom's version because it made me ask if everyone in the sixties was on a contact high.

4. I don't have many opinions on the items Mac introduced in the Keynote except being a bit dismayed we have to wait longer. The Versions feature for Lion--saving regular versions of documents--will be a lifesaver for writers, and I'm happy about iCloud though I was it were streaming and not downloading. Overall, though, we'll have to see it all once it lands.

5. I forgot my phone today at lunch, and honestly twitched every time I thought to use it, like I had a phantom limb. It can't be good to be so attached to technology but... oh well....