Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stuff I Discovered on Bedrest: Switched at Birth

I'm still healing, so that's why blog posts have been, er, nonexistent lately. But being on bed rest has allowed for much consumption of media. Nerdlet that I am, I must share these discovers with all of you.

Today's find is Switched at Birth, the awesome show from ABC Family that comes back for its winter season tonight (!!). The premise of two girls discovering they were switched at birth has been done before (for instance in an episode of Veronica Mars, coincidentally featuring Katie Leclerc who stars on SaB), but this show has a twist.

One of the girls is deaf. And not in a cliched, sweet-little-mute girl kind of way. In a way where she is actually a real person, has interests, and is pretty kickass if you ask me. The show deals with her disability, and the politics of it (the Deaf community has more debatable issues than any disability community, I'd argue) without shyness, particularly the Cohclear implant issues.

Plus it's just a fun show.

It comes back tonight on ABC Family at 8/7c, and they're marathoning it all day to day, so go check it out!