Monday, January 9, 2012

Belated New Year, New Things

I think I've finally found a way to mix together a lot of things I've been wanting to do with this blog, without interfering with the good things I already have going. As you all know, a lot of what I want to do is promote disability awareness, both about life as a person with a disability and disability in general. Through the past few weeks of (in the end pointless--the surgery didn't take) bed rest, I've discovered a lot of interesting people with disabilities doing things in the world. I've also always been interested in disability history--specifically things people might not know about.

So, starting a week from tomorrow, every Tuesday I'll be posting a Disability Profile. A post about someone interesting--not necessarily famous--who has (or had) a disability.

It should be interesting at the least, and it'll help me--and whoever reads it--remember just how much people with disabilities can achieve.