Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Five!

1. The healing process is not exactly going as expected, which is incredibly frustrating, especially since I have to throw myself back into the groove of doing things-for-school soon, and will have to once again balance all that with taking care of a wound that should have freaking gone away by now. :-(

2. Speaking of school, I'm seventeen books into my twenty-seven book reading list for Contemporary YA Realism, and I'm discovering some really good YA I probably should have read a long time ago, like Cormier's "I Am the Cheese." I also think it's interesting the way my professor chooses books--most of the classics as well as the books on last year's syllabus are from YALSA lists, or award nominations. Just gets me thinking about popular literature versus literature deemed to have merit by The Powers That Be.

3. GREY'S ANATOMY LAST NIGHT, OMG! No spoilers if you haven't seen it, but the last ten seconds literally made me drop the bag of M&Ms I was holding onto the floor of my mom's room.

4. The book piles now look like this:

My only qualm is that the picture books should come right after the general fiction, but then some of the larger non-fiction books wouldn't have fit on the shelves. *sigh*.

5. If you haven't already seen the gorgeous trailer for John Green's The Fault in Our Stars, where have you been?? It is killing me that since I'm going to the January 18th event in New Orleans, I won't get my book until then. I'm pretty sure I will have to stay off the Internet to avoid spoilers, like it's 2005 and Half-Blood Prince came out.