Saturday, January 14, 2012

Discovered on Bed Rest: The Guild

These posts are going to involve a lot of me being late to the ballgame, but while I was lying around on my stomach for three weeks, I consumed A LOT OF MEDIA, OKAY?

The Guild is about a girl named Cyd, who lost her job in an orchestra after she burnt her boyfriend's cello. (He cheated on her. With a guy). She finds solace in a World of Warcraft-like Role Playing Game, and forms a guild with five other players, who eventually become her friends. They battle other guilds, collect treasure and combat personal problems all at the same time. And they are hilarious.

One of the things I watched was The Guild, Felicia Day's webseries that's been going on since 2007.

Please note, I am not a gamer, but I relate to a lot of other things on the show. The social awkwardness, the friends with overbearing mothers, the sort of lost mid-20s feeling. Plus it has Teal Sherer, one of my new favorite people. And a Neil Gaiman cameo. It's not afraid to represent diversity in a true way, and the jokes are often incredibly honest despite the relative absurd nature of part of the show.

Also, season five, which is set at a con is pure gold, and features steampunkers. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?

Watch it here.


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