Monday, January 16, 2012


Did you know that in the 1987 Deaf President Now protest at Gallaudet University they held a banner that said "We Still Have a Dream"?

Did you know that the Americans with Disabilities Act wasn't signed until 1990?

Did you know that in Florida until 2010 you couldn't adopt a baby if you identified as homosexual?

Never mid that LBGT couples still can't get married. Never mind that kids with disabilities are still segregated in innumerable but important ways and have decisions made about them every day, even though their forebears fought so hard for justice.

Separate is not equal.

Nothing about us without us.

I grew up in the deep south. Every history class, Black History Month and reading of To Kill a Mockingbird taught me how far we've come. But I only had to look around in my life, and the lives of my classmates, to see how far we have to go. So, for me, today isn't necessarily about celebrating success. It's about remembering another lesson Dr. King taught--and that's to never get up. To never stop fighting

Because I still have a dream of a world with less suck, more awesome and far, far less injustice. Where created equal doesn't mean created able-bodied, or heteronormative, or of average intelligence.

What about you? What's your dream for the future?

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  1. You're wonderful! I really love this post. It's so true.