Thursday, April 14, 2011

How Pretty The World Is

Last Saturday night Matt Nathanson gave a concert at my university. My undergrad could never have afforded something like that--and frankly Atlanta has Eddie's Attic so why bother X-D--so it was a first for me to see "Matt Nathanson!" posters all over campus.

I'm a huge fan of concerts, but after October when I almost passed out at an Ingrid Michaelson show at House of Blues (I hate House of Blues) I was wary. All other shows I've seen since then had been...well... Amanda Palmer or The Dresden Dolls where even when I was standing I was surrounded by people who would not let me get crushed. Luckily, Simmons is small, and I've been to so many shows on my own being afraid was so not an option.

Concerts inspire me. There's just something magical about live music, and they make me think about this one novel (possible companion to main WIP) that I want to write one day. I love seeing all the different ways musicians interact with their instruments and their audiences.

i've seen some fabulous shows over the years--impressive to me considering at my first "club" concert time I left after the opener (who I came for) because I didn't think I could stand through the opener (who I now realize was Matt Nathanson. I could have seen the awesome FOUR YEARS AGO). I saw P!nk in Glasgow singing from a trapeze, but also sitting on stage with a guitar. Amanda Palmer's Who Killed Amanda Palmer tour that was so full of performance you didn't know where to look first.

I've seen Snow Patrol, The Fray, Taylor Swift.

I dance, standing in front rows with my cane. I belt lyrics I've only ever sung before in my bedroom.

And here's the thing, I could easily not. I could say I can't deal with the crowds (pretty true), shouldn't be standing for that long (definitely true), but I'd be missing out on one of the things I love. So I guess I'm saying, sometimes I just ignore the limitations for the experience.

Because watching Matt attack a guitar the way he does? So worth it.

And I'll see him again ASAP because he didn't play my favorite song.

What's the best show you've ever seen?