Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Five!

1. My madre linked me to this article in the Huffington Post about Florida's current governor Lex Luther Rick Scott. It's a bit tongue-in-cheek, but the facts stand. Scott has, in a short time, attempted to pass much legislation that will cut funding seriously for projects to help children with disabilities. Florida is my home state, and it's there system that I sprang from and spent years helping my mom to improve. It shouldn't be torn apart.

2. This has been a downer week for me. Query breakdown, misunderstandings with friends, lack of news from other things... just not a great few days. So, trying to look on the upside, I've talked to some great people in the YA lit world over the past few days, participated in some awesome discussions and read some fabulous books. These are things to be happy about.

3. Seriously, though, yesterday I left my phone on campus, had to trek back, run all around the building like a mad woman because they'd already cleaned the classroom (after twenty minutes!) and almost cry in front of a very nice janitorial staff member. These things are not okay. *saves for future protagonists*

4. This video gives me hope for one day finding nerd love! Yay!

5.  Reason eleven-hundred to move to NYC one day? There's a screening of the first two episodes of series six of Doctor Who there on Monday. Oh how I wish I could go. If I didn't have my volinternship on Monday, I probably would, let's be real here.


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