Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Grey's Connection

Mornin' y'all (You can put me in Boston, but you can't take out the Southern).

I've got a book to be reviewed this evening, but first I wanted to share a blog post I saw yesterday that is super timely with yesterday's post on issue books. It's about the so-called "pandering" to gay couples happening on Grey's Anatomy, which, as we know, is the love of my life. Read it here. I'll wait.

Back? Cool. As the post notes, Shonda Rhimes was very outspoken against this idea for the very reasons I cited yesterday about making sure minorities OF ALL KINDS are represented in YA just being themselves. Shonda's young woman in the Midwest who is a lesbian is my girl with Cerebral Palsy in Florida. They must be able to see themselves in the media.

As Amanda Palmer says, "We are the media" and it's time to take it over. We need to stop pandering to the nay-sayers, because they're the ones already represented!

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  1. Good point! I read your previous post too and was also intrigued by your review of My Most Excellent Year. Adding that book to my TBR list - thanks for the tip.

    Also, by any chance did you leave a comment on my blog earlier today? I wanted to respond, but profile was not listed as public, so I had no way of replying to the commenter - but you are the only Chelsey I know online so I thought I would ask.