Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Five

1. My query is up for discussion over at The Quintessentially Questionable Query Experiment. Go play!

2. I am in unabashedly love with the Grey's Anatomy musical event. I understand all possible objections, but see, Shonda and I are quite similar in our love for all things nerdalicious and musical. I am her target audience for the event. Me. Just sayin'.

3. I've been waiting on an email for a week and a half. My mother says my freaking out about this means I will be impossible to live with if/when I'm ever on submission. She doesn't live with me, so the point is moot.

4. I've transfered my domain off of GoDaddy. If you haven't heard about the kerfuffle, their CEO filmed himself killing and elephant and put it on the internet. When I called support last night, the girl sounded like she'd fielded about a million calls to cancel already. Jump ship. (More about that here) Namecheap is doing a deal where you can transfer for $5.

5. This is my friend Shelby. I've known her since we were about nine, and she and her dad have always been up on the latest in accessibility tech. I think the coolest thing about the video, though, is that her Personal Care Attendant isn't some old woman getting paid by an agency. It's her friend. I think that's what comes out of inclusion these days. The people who care enough to do things like that are your friends. The way it should be.


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