Sunday, April 10, 2011

Book Musings: The Liar Society

The Liar Society
The Liar Society by Lisa and Laura Roecker

I missed the Liar Society blogging/reviewing hoopla, mostly because I got my copy from Borders online during the HP Alliance fundraiser, and Borders is not Amazon with speedy!shipping. What I'm going to do when my one year of free Prime is up, I know not. 

Anyway, I was very excited about this book, and it didn't disappoint. The Veronica-Marsesque tone and narrator made me super-happy as I'm a bit V*Mars obsessed these days. I loved the pink hair (need to touch mine up, come to think) and the very realistic way she reacted to dangers, not just pretending like they were par-for-the-course. 

I thought the setting might be a bit odd--are there many uppity private schools (not boarding schools) in the midwest? Not ruling it out, just seemed odd. And occasionally the most-noticible traits of a secondary character were mentioned a little heavy-handedly (wants to be skinny, eating, overprotective parents). It didn't detract from my enjoyment from the book, and I think it might have come from restructuring and the arrangement of the flashback chapters. (Two books I've read recently have alternated between two years of high school. Occasionally confusing, though not as much here). 

I found the climax a tad hard to follow, and the reaction of the police--though very V*Mars and suggesting of a sequel--surprising. Still, Kate's voice was fabulous, the adventure of the book fun. Well, well, well worth the read and I can't wait to see the next book the Roecker sisters produce! I cannot IMAGINE tag-team writing a book. Kudos just for that!