Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Five!

1. I almost forgot it was Friday. Days have lost meaning for me because they are all "one less day until I'm out of purgatory." That's what these next two weeks are. The end of the semester, without much to look forward to before big changes. I'll either be going home for the summer, or I'll be in NYC. I can't plan for either because I don't know. I'll be querying, but the MS is with a final beta and my writing prof is reading my query. There is literally nothing I can do except work on next WIP. Which I am. But still. Purgatory.

2. Why didn't anyone tell me that Massachusetts skips spring before I moved here? We completely jumped over cool-but-wear-a-hoodie-you're-fine and went to wear-as-little-as-possible-or-die. I don't approve. I lived in Georgia the last five years. I love spring! Where'd it go??

3. I have listened to the Grey's Anatomy Music Event version of "How to Save a Life" thirty times. Don't judge me, you have shameful play-counts too, admit it!

4. Jo Knowles did a Skype visit to my writing class on Thursday. Not only was it INCREDIBLY less awkward than that time I Skyped into class so I wouldn't have to miss a friend's wedding, but it was very informative. She taught us about the way she storyboards her novels to track the important images and emotions. I plan to try this with my next first-draft. Or, possibly, the WIP that has gone through approximately five drafts and still feels like it's a first draft.

5. Kitten wif a hat.