Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Road Trip Wednesday: Groundhog Day

Going to give YA Highway's Road Trip Wednesday a shot. Today's topic is:

Today's Topic:
What book would you read over and over and over and over again?

I'd like to say one of the Harry Potter books, because I could discover new things each time, but what first popped into my head here was I Capture the Castle. I've read it every summer since I was eighteen, and I adore it with all its Jane Austen/Bronte allusions, the setting in the English countryside and London, the history... I love that book.

This made me think, when I was a kid I reread like it was my job. I read some of the Baby-Sitter's Club books more times than I think I want to know. Same with Susan Coopers "King of Shadows". Now there are so many new books that I rarely reread. Once every few years, or every year, I'll revisit an old favorite, but not nearly to the extent I did then.

I think this does a disservice to the writing you can appreciate better if you reread. Also shows to MG and early-YA authors how much they have to pay attention-- there's no telling how many times their books will get read.

And maybe I need to start re-reading more. Revisit some old friends.


  1. Nice! I have a Dodie Smith on my list as well. Have you seen the film of this book?

  2. As a middle grade author, it is intimidating to think of how often I re-read the same books. Better not slip up, or they'll see it every time.

  3. Yes, yes, yes, ICTC is SUCh a fantastic book. Just lovely!!!

  4. I adore I Capture The Castle! Such a beautiful book! I loved the film too.