Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Road Trip Wednesday

Oh how I love my Google Reader on the days when Miss Snark's First Victim posts The Secret Agent. No really....

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YA Highway's Road Trip Wednesday question today is what are your favorite literary couples?

Going to pull from YA so I'm not all Lizzie and Darcy OMG!

1. Nate and Ruby from Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen-- I love how screwed up they both are, and the way they're there for each other even in weird ways.

2. Anna and Etienne from Anna and the French Kiss-- Paris! English accent! Once Etienne gets his act together, what's not to love?

3. Annie and Liza from Annie on my Mind-- More than anything to do with it being such a pivotal book, I just thought the relationship between these girls felt very real. They're fun, loving and also very much on the cusp of adulthood. They accept each other for who they are, but aren't afraid to get angry.

4. Aly and Nawat from Trickster's Choice/Trickster's Queen-- Nawat, the crow man, is just too precious, but he also doesn't let headstrong Aly boss him around. His patience and her intelligence won me over the first and the tenth time I read the books!

5. Conrad and Nancy from Sometimes I Think I Hear My Name-- The strength of the four-day relationship that these two characters have is gorgeously depicted by Avi in this tiny book. They're just two kids thrown together by crappy families, but there's an oddly adult mystique to them. The end of the book packs a powerful punch and has kept me rereading it since I was twelve.

What are your favorite literary couples?


  1. First of all, your blog title is fab.

    More Anna! I have to read this book!

  2. Some of these are news to me. I will check them out. The ones I know I totally agree with!

  3. LOVE 2 and 3!
    Haven't read 4 & 5.
    Thought 1 was cute -- but Owen & Annabelle are my favorite Sarah Dessen pairing.

  4. I loved Anna and Etienne. That relationship was so real and natural and adorable.

  5. So many books that I haven't read! I have read Lock and Key, though, and really loved Ruby and Nate together. :)

  6. @Kirsten Hubbard

    *sigh* I like Owen and Annabel, but I think I'd rank Macy and Wes and Remy and Dexter before them!

  7. I've only read ANNA of your choice, but that's a great one. And I hear you about the days Miss Snark's First Victim posts...