Thursday, February 17, 2011


Morning all!

I've a guest post at Amber's fabulous Just Your Typical Book Blog, and you should go check it and her out. It's about the way books and music interrelate, which is one of my passions.

I'm deep in line-edit land, where I can't think or read about other people's words too much. I overanalyze without seeing story. Pink and Delirium sit untouched on my bedside table. I'll make a point to read and review something this weekend.

Today, I get to teach part of my Writing II class. I'm using Nathan Bransford's Seven Keys to Writing Good Dialogue, which I love. Dialogue has become one of the joys of writing for me, and I love helping others find that!

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  1. Good luck with the teachiing! That's a great choice. And I agree--dialogue writing is often the most fun part once you learn not to sweat it!