Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Five

1. There's a comedian named Boston named Mehran, and if you've never seen him perform you're missing out. I met him through the Late Night Fucking Cabarets that Amanda Palmer performed in the autumn. Every third Thursday he puts together a show at Motley's comedy club, and my friend Trish and I went last night. It was a ton of fun, particularly the part where he kissed me and told me I have nice lips. Mehran is a self-declared "Iranian homo". :)

2. I'm really getting comfortable with my friends here, which is wonderful. I'm actually going to go out for my birthday Monday, which I wasn't going to because I didn't think people would want to. I'm slightly ridiculous, I know.

3. Apparently the new Radiohead CD is out. Haven't gotten it yet, but I'll get on that. I'm way late to the game with Radiohead, but "Creep" and the rest of OK Computer are great.

4. Four used to be about the weather, but then I decided that I refused to be that boring. I don't have much. This week went by really fast.

Here, have some YouTube
5. And some Amanda Palmer


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