Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Today in Gimp World: Get the Chuck Over Yourself!

Note to the urban-gimp. Keep Chucks in your bag (or sneaker of choice).

It's just wise. Particularly when you cannot walk long distances in the boots you wore to work. (Mostly because you wore them to the Halloween party and over did it)

That way, when your friend random invites you to her birthday dinner and you don't check Facebook at your lunch break your choices won't be:

A. Hobble to the T with friends after class, then take a cab home on top of paying for pricey dinner


B. Go back to your room in the hour between work and class to get your chucks. (And her birthday present) (And end up changing your entire outfit)

I sucked it up and got the Chucks. And didn't complain, because it definitely wasn't Birthday Girl's fault. And as a result, I could gleefully trek along to the T, eat an amazing meal and not worry about how to get home. I just got back on the T with everyone and that was the end of that.

Plus, any excuse for the pink Chucks, really.