Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Very (Un)Fairy Tale Life (WIN A SIGNED BOOK!)

Last Sunday my writing professor Anna Staniszewski had her book launch at The Children's Book Shop in Brookline. My former writing classmates and I went, along with several people from this year's class, other Simmons-people, Boston Kidlit-peeps and more! (Even actual children!)

Here's Anna reading from the book:

Anna read from the book, took questions (one of the wonderful children asked if she'd "made any other books") and then signed. My classmates and I took pictures like total groupies.


Well. One of you.

Comment and follow the blog if you want to win!

My Very (Un) Fairy Tale life is the story of Jenny the Adventurer, a twelve-year-old girl whose calling is to rescue the people of the fairy tale world from various shenanigans and to teach them things with cheesy sayings. But, not unlike Buffy in every other episode, there comes a time when she no longer wants to be an adventurer.

Hijinks ensure. There are talking frogs.

N.B. My class is Anna's official fan club, everyone else is a charter member. Honorary, maybe. But we're the founding members.