Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Road Trip Wednesday: Gratitude

YA Highway's Road Trip Wednesday topic today is gratitude.

What writing or publishing-related thing(s) are you most thankful for?

I'm thankful for the usual things--my writer friends and the possibilities open to me right now. I had a window open tomorrow that could lead to good things. Or not. But the hope is there.

My journey, though, very much involves my whole life because of where I am in life. I'm in an MFA program, so I treat EVERYTHING as the next step on my publication road. 

Tomorrow I'm having Thanksgiving with friends. I'm grateful how much better that is than last year, when I went to the Homeless Grad Students dinner done by the school and sat next to a guy who is BANANAS. 

I'm grateful for these friends for introducing me to Buffy (and more than that) because of how much I feel the show is teaching me about writing. 

I'm grateful for the AIM conversation I'm having now with a writer, because the advice I'm giving her will help me. 

I'm grateful for the friend who sent me a book today, because another book is always happy, and I like bonding with her over the things I love best. 

I'm grateful for my supportive family, even though they are insane and not really doing Thanksgiving, and I'm not going home anyway. 

I'm grateful for my teachers, who support my thoughts and are interested in what I have to say. 

And in a weird way, I'm grateful for the manuscripts that I'm working on, and  the stories I have to share because they are the catalyst for so much good in my life.

So, YA Highway, all the little things add up to the publication and writerly things I'm grateful for, because they're all part of my path. Also, the image on your page is one from notecards I used to own. Which is a little creepy.