Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Five!

1. Celebrate, you guys! My awesome friend Jessica Love just signed with agent Jill Corcoran of Hermance Literary! And she's giving away two prize packages of books. One has a signed copy of Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and the other includes a pre-order of The Fault in Our Stars. WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE?

Plus she uses a flaily-Kermit GIF. And we know how much I love flaily-Kermit

2. Speaking of signed books, don't forget to go here to enter to win a copy of Anna Staniszewski's My Very Un-Fairy Tale Life! I'll pick a winner on Wednesday (How's that alliteration?)

3. I just spent half an hour or loner trying to find away around the fact hat Overdrive WMA audiobooks can't be downloaded onto Macs. They can be downloaded onto Windows and put on an iPod, but not onto Mac. How ridiculous is that??? And I was so excited about getting audiobooks from the library too!

Of course, none of the books I want are available as mp3s. OF COURSE.

4. Grey's Anatomy 'bout killed me last night. I won't bore you non-Grey's freaks with specifics, but I will tell you they did not NECESSARILY do the One Thing that could make me stop watching, but they almost did. If it doesn't right itself real quick or real clever, we're gonna have problems.

5. How awesome is this? A guy who can charge his cell phone with his prosthetic arm! We are IN THE FUTURE!