Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Small Thought

I'll be truthful with you Blogosphere. One of my major flaws is arrogance. It comes when you're a "special snowflake child". The kind of kid with a disability who has been told her entire life that she can do whatever she wants lends itself to arrogance. I'm working on it. This has been aided by my new exposure to other writers.

Janice Hardy wrote a post about levels of writers today that made me think. Some people I know waver between the first two levels. It's easy for me to sneer at that. I sent out my first query letter at sixteen. However, it doesn't matter. Not when I've never had a yes on a letter. Not when even NYT Bestselling Authors still have things to work on. Goals to meet.

I'm learning to keep in mind that all any writer wants is to move to the next level, and where you are and how you got there doesn't much matter. The craft matters, the writing matters and being a good person matter. Not much else.

Remember this, self. Remember this.


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