Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And Then--?Preparing for SCBWI!

What did I get myself into? Let's recap, in the style of my assignment from Anna Staniszewski this week. A story told in "and thens"

On the phone with my mom four months ago this writers conference idea felt like a lark, a good experience.

And then I got a spot at the writing intensive.

And then my friend with the elevator-building didn't have room for me, so it's off to my other lovely friend with the fifth floor walk up. (I love her. A ton. I hate stairs)


And then BoltBus cancelled my bus 24 hours in advance.

And then I booked AmTrak which gets in at 2:20 AM.

And then I freaked out for a while about pitches, and summaries, and first 500 words.

And then.... what?

Will the faculty eat me? Will someone decide that I and my monkey hat are unworthy? Will Big Things and Cool People happen, or will I be too train-lagged to notice?

Stay tuned!

PS. Anna, I promise I won't hand this in tomorrow. I do not have a death wish. I can spell your name from memory now. I can has extra credit?

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  1. Ha! I'm glad my odd little assignment helped inspire your blog post. :-)