Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Five!

Been a while, hasn't it?

1. I read Gilt last night, a novel set in the days of Henry VIII, about a friend of Catherine Howard. I really enjoyed it, but this morning I began to wonder if I'd filled in details that weren't there thanks to my obsessive reading of novels set in the Tudor period during my childhood. There were no mentions of Elizabeth I, very few of Edward, none of Mary. The political climate was alluded to, but I'm not sure the methods of trial were well-explained. That said, the novel served a different purpose. It read like a classic YA novel, about a girl trying to find her way in her world, set hundreds of years ago. Maybe it didn't need the sweeping political background.

2. Classes are going to eat me. I know i keep saying it, but I just put all my assignments on my calendar and...erp....The worst of it is, I brought it on myself. I'm doing an independent study. I created the list of things I'l turn in, and the dates they're due, and---It is all my own fault. All of it.

3. I've been getting physical therapy for the past few months, and I can say that there is nowhere--NOWHERE--better for people watching than outside or in the waiting room of a rehab hospital. From the moms comparing their sons traumas, to the women having the "no, YOU'RE inspirational conversations," it is all wonderful and priceless.

4. Yesterday, I was reunited with my one true love....the mozzarella sticks in my school cafeteria. They are magical. Also, the phrase "I don't have a meal plan" is the most bittersweet phrase ever.

5. This is an old video, but I hadn't seen it, so maybe you haven't either.


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