Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Breathe in Peace....

Breathe out love. It's a saying I picked up from one of my coworkers this summer, and I'm latching onto it. The semester starts tomorrow, and even though I'm only in one class and one independent study, I feel completely overwhelmed already. I'm sure this will subside at some point. We'll see.

I'm shifting my focus for the next two weeks toward schoolwork to make sure I have a handle on this. The writing guilt is, thus, kicking in big time. How are you going to be a writer if you're not writing? asks the voice in my head. But what about all those writers who raise kids/have jobs/etc., they don't take time off to focus on other things. It's a balance! 

And I get it. For years, I've carved out that hour of writing per day. I'm not saying I'm giving it up. I'm saying there are other things that need to be done first. My brain will always be soaking up information to be tucked into my writing somewhere, always be annoyingly giving me story ideas in the middle of class. I have a revision out with an agent. There is progress being made brain, okay???

Breathe in peace....

Anywho, as for this blog, I plan on making Wednesdays after this "Disability Book Days" partially to get back to the mission statement of writing here (like I had one) and partially because that's a thing I'll be thinking about a lot anyway thanks to my independent study (on disability in children's lit).

So that's my stress. And my plan.

What's wigging you out this month?

(Breathe out love)


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