Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Library eBooks

There is much discussion in the literary world about the conflict between libraries and eBooks. Issues about how many times a book can be leant, and how much a library should pay for each copy have resulted in entire publishers pulling their books from eshelves. This, combined with the dangers to physical libraries as eBook popularity increases has caused people to object to library eBooks in general.

To these people, I say fie.

I read copiously. Between my school readings and my personal readings I probably average six books a week. I have an iPad specifically because I'm not supposed to carry much weight, but broke grad student that I am, I get most of these books from libraries. I lug them back and forth every few weeks.

It is killing my back.

I guarantee you I would still spend time in libraries if I could get the majority of books on my (light) Kindle. I wouldn't object to there being a waiting period, the way there is when you have to pick up a physical book from a library. I am all for limiting the number of copies that can be checked out.

But I wish they were more readily available every day.


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