Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Five!

1. I'm home for spring break and there are things I should be doing that aren't surfing Craigslist and blogging. Guess what I'm doing?

2. I sent out my first query for the next project today. It's kind of nerve-wracking to start this all over again so soon, but I'm moderately confident about it. Not cocky like last time, but confident.

3. I had this thought yesterday at the eye doctor that if I ever lost the ability to wear contacts or glasses *shudder* I'd be sitting somewhere tapping novels away on my iPhone. It's a strange image, but it's totally true. My phone and my Kindle are the only things I can see without adaptive devices, so that'd be my solution. At least they exist to give me that reassurance.

4. I'm working on applications for various writing awards and grants. It's strange to think of people you don't know judging your writing in that way, against hundreds of others. Why it's stranger than the same thing happening at the agent level, I'm not sure, but I'm always warier about these things. (Warier is a strange word)

5. Current video obsession:


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