Monday, December 19, 2011

Pictures in My Head

If there's ever a time when I'm a bit AWOL this break, it's because I'm contending with this:

and this:
and this:

My parents moved house over the past four months, and so I have to cull, sort and shelve all my old books. I'm even doing the picture books, which haven't been seen in years. Going through one of the boxes yesterday, I found myself flipping open a beautifully illustrated copy of Baby's Christmas.

The pictures--not the words--were incredibly familiar, like old friends I hadn't seen in years. And even though I probably haven't read them since I was two or three, I remembered them.

I mean, who could forget Paintbox Penguins?

I couldn't. The illustrations of penguins painting a fence red and yellow to make orange stuck with me much more than the simple words about colors.

And even though I don't write picturebooks, I think that it's important to remember to create those moments, those images that stick with the reader for years and years, like old friends.