Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Five!

1. Well, my dears, it has started snowing in various places about the state, which means it is nearly time for me to get the hell out of Dodge. I leave for warmer climates on the 14th, and will be back some time in mid-January to schlep my way through the white stuff. Between now and then I have to finish a paper, return all the library books and clean all the things. Also, there's no room to do any of the packing or cleaning before Tuesday, because I cannot have my suitcase out anywhere in my room and still be able to move.

2. One of the other things I did this weekend was go see the Burlesque show Slutcracker over at the Somerville Theater. I have THOUGHTS about it, and the way in which it does--and doesn't--reclaim feminine sexuality for females and the way it corrects the mistakes Rocky Horror makes, but I do try to keep this blog PG. What I do know is that I'd never seen a ballet before (I flipped out at The Nutcracker in pre-k....) and was really surprised by how well the story was conveyed.

3. For my Realism in Contemporary Young Adult Novels class next spring, we have a list of Touchstones we have to have read by January 30th. I'm familiar enough with eleven out of the twenty-seven, (Perks of Being a Wallflower!). For the rest, a surprising number were available in my hometown library. It doesn't always do so well with controversial YA from the 80s. One of the non-availables is Annie on My Mind, which nowadays is just your old-fashioned lesbian love story!

4. I'm to the point in my to-read list where I'm hitting up the library eBooks so I don't have to worry about getting books turned in and I sort of realized....I still really do like reading print books better. Maybe it's because I do so much on a computer and an iPad screen still feels like a computer, but print books do feel realer to me. Doesn't mean I'll stop using my iPad, by any means, but I'm not going to stop checking out/buying real books either.

5. It's hard for me to feel Christmasy until I go home (which is slightly contradictory given the whole Florida thing) but I did watch A Muppet Family Christmas the other night. The problem is, I have a tendency to watch that in July too. I do need to put all my holiday DVDs together to take home....What are your favorite holiday movies?

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